Early Assessment Program Video Transcript

This is a video of 5 high school students talking about the importance of the Early Assessment Program.

Student 1:
EAP stands for the Early Assessment Program.

Student 3:
And basically it says, you know, whether or not you're ready for CSU.

Student 4:
They tell me I'm not ready for college in English, but I'm pretty prepared in math. So I guess I have to focus on English this year, my senior year.

Student 3:
The advantage is if it says okay, you're not ready for college you have another year to get ready.

Student 5:
I didn't do so great. But I'm glad to know that I found out early so that I can actually do something about it my senior year and prepare myself such as by taking extra classes in math, or tutoring.

Student 2:
I'm definitely glad I took the EAP. I'm now taking more advanced math courses trying to get some tutoring and help. English courses, trying to just get myself more ready for college. If I didn't take the EAP, I wouldn't know I needed the help.