Early Start Program

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The CSU system recently enacted a policy known as "Early Start" requiring incoming students who do not demonstrate readiness for college-level math and/or English to begin remediation during the summer before coming to the CSU.

The goals of Early Start are to better prepare students in math and English before their first semester, thereby improving their chances of completing a college degree.

Early Start Video

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This video contains unrehearsed comments from several students who participated in a voluntary Early Start pilot program in math offered by CSU Bakersfield in Summer 2011.  A variety of similar mandatory Early Start programs in English as well as math are offered at CSU campuses.

Early Start is about student success!

Early Start Details

  • Early Start is required for incoming students who have not fulfilled the Entry Level Math and/or English Placement Test proficiency requirements.
  • The program takes place the summer before the freshman year.
  • Upon admission, CSU campuses will inform students how and where to sign up for Early Start.
  • Early Start math and English courses are available at every CSU campus, and online.
  • Financial aid will be available for those who demonstrate need.

For more information about Early Start, please view our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Early Start Course Listing

For a preview of these courses and details about other Early Start options, please visit the Early Start Course Listing website.