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Privacy Policy

CSU recognizes and respects the privacy interests of CSU Math Success users. CSU Math Success is committed to protecting that privacy and keeping users informed about our privacy policy.

CSU Math Success Privacy Policy and its Exceptions

Except as set forth below, the personally identifiable data you submit to CSU Math Success is not made available or distributed to third parties, except with your express consent and at your direction. In particular, CSU Math Success will not give, sell or provide access to your personal information to any company, individual or organization for its use in marketing or commercial solicitation or for any other purpose, except as is necessary for the operation of this site.

Exceptions to the Privacy Policy There are limited exceptions to the CSU Math Success privacy policy. When required by law to comply with any valid legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute, regulation or court order, CSU will supply such information contained in your CSU Math Success account as that organization reasonably determines, based on the advice of counsel, it is legally required to supply. In addition, CSU may release specific information relevant to special cases, such as a physical threat to you or others or an attempted breach of security on the CSU Math Success site.

The Personal Identifying Information We Collect

CSU Math Success collects personal identifying information from you, which may include your name, date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number, grade level and such additional information as you are required to provide by the college applications that you choose to complete.

Reasons We Collect Your Personal Identifying Information

CSU Math Success collects personal information from you for two reasons. The first reason is to perform a task, such as tracking your progress through the requirements. The second reason is to enable CSU Math Success to respond to your situation specifically based on where you are in the process and contact you when necessary in connection with the functioning of CSU Math Success. When the effective functioning of a CSU Math Success module does not require personal information, none is collected, and any such module can be accessed without opening an account or providing any personal data.

When you log on to CSU Math Success, your browser will automatically transmit to CSU Math Success's server the IP address of your computer and type of browser you are using. Although your browser transmits the IP address of your computer, CSU Math Success does not associate this IP address with any personally identifiable information regarding you. CSU Math Success does not collect any personally identifiable information other than what users submit and their browsers transmit.

User profile information will be shared between CSU Mentor and the CSU Mathematics and/or English Success websites for the sole purpose of providing customized advice regarding preparation for college attendance and academic success.

Minimum Age of 13 Required to Establish An Account

CSU Math Success will not collect any information from persons who are not yet 13 years old. If you are under 13 years of age, you will not be permitted to create an account on CSU Math Success. Regardless of your age, you can still use most of CSU Math Success to learn more about CSU campuses.

If you are 13 years of age or older, you are encouraged to create an account on CSU Math Success and to utilize all of CSU Math Success, which will help you plan and prepare to meet your entry level math requirement.

Ways in Which Personal Identifying Information May Be Used

CSU Math Success will use your personal identifying information, when you select the corresponding function, to guide you through the Entry Level Math Requirement check list.

Your personal identifying information may also be used for the following purposes: We may use your identifying information to help diagnose problems with CSU Math Success's server and to administer the CSU Math Success website. Summary data representing a compilation of aggregate data representing CSU Math Success users may be collected by CSU, which may provide such data to various colleges and other educational institutions represented on CSU Math Success. No personal identifying information is made available as part of these summary reports. Some examples of summary data are the number of monthly visitors to the site, where users met their ELM requirements according to the site, and the CSU Math Success functions utilized by students in specified categories.

Security Measures to Prevent Misuse of Information Entrusted to CSU Math Success

CSU Math Success enables the data you input to be encrypted when in route between your browser and the CSU Math Success server and when in route between the CSU Math Success server and some other browser or server. This practice helps prevent unauthorized third parties from intercepting and gaining access to your private data during transmission over the Internet. CSU Math Success uses 40-bit, Secure Socket Layer encryption supported by both Netscape's and Microsoft's browsers.

Data residing on the CSU Math Success server is password protected, and access is provided only to those employees of CSU who require such access to administer and maintain the CSU Math Success system or to provide requested customer support to users of CSU Math Success. Each employee who has access to the data residing on the CSU Math Success server has agreed in writing to respect the privacy of all such personal data.

Notification Policy for California Residents

In the event CSU reasonably believes that an unauthorized person has accessed your unencrypted personal information, CSU will notify you promptly regarding such unauthorized access, unless notification is delayed at the request of law enforcement agencies to avoid impeding a criminal investigation. Such notification will be made by e-mail, unless CSU does not have a valid e-mail address for you, in which case notification will be sent by United States mail to the home address indicated in your user account.


A cookie is a small file that a website transfers to a user's computer, which may then be stored on its hard drive. CSU Math Success uses cookies to remember you and personalize your web-viewing experience by keeping track of your session when logged on to CSU Math Success. Cookies enable you to maintain continuity as you move from page to page on CSU Math Success and to avoid the nuisance of being asked to provide the same information repeatedly. Cookies also allow us to make sure that only your browser can exchange information regarding your account with our servers. Cookies cannot be used to steal personal information or to gain access to information that you did not directly provide. The cookies we use are set when you log on to CSU Math Success and are erased when you log off CSU Math Success or completely close your browser.

Don't want cookies? Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you don't want cookies, you can set your browser to disable or refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are being used. You should note, however, that various CSU Math Success services might not function properly when cookies are not utilized.


CSU Math Success hosts links to other sites having privacy policies that may differ from those of CSU Math Success. CSU is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any websites to which CSU Math Success links.

Changing and Deleting Your Information

You may update, otherwise change or delete from the data stored on CSU Math Success any personal information you previously provided. To modify personal information, (i) log on to CSU Math Success, (ii) access either your planner or an application not yet sent containing the information you want to change, and (iii) modify that information using standard word-processing techniques. To delete personal information, (i) log on to CSU Math Success, (ii) access your planner, and (iii) delete the information you want to remove from CSU Math Success using standard word-processing techniques. Please recognize that if you delete information, it will no longer be available on CSU Math Success so that, for example, if a college to which you previously submitted an application were to attempt to retrieve that application from CSU Math Success after you made the deletion the deleted information would no longer be accessible. Similarly, when accessed over CSU Math Success information that has been updated or otherwise modified will appear in its then-most current form, rather than in the form in which it may have been submitted at some earlier time.


If you have any questions about this privacy statement and the privacy practices on this site, you may contact the following:

Kathleen Willbanks
Center for Distributed Learning
California State University
(707) 664 4340

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