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Quantitative Reasoning Course

Quantitative Reasoning is part of the CSU General Education Requirements. All CSU students are required to satisfy each of the CSU General Education Requirements, including the successful completion of a course approved for Quantitative Reasoning, also known as Area B4 credit.

Courses approved for Area B4 credit require the application of basic mathematical or logical concepts, quantitative reasoning arguments, and problem solving skills. The course is meant to develop competence in the analysis and presentation of arguments, and is usually a mathematics or statistics class.

Courses approved for Area B4 credit are offered at every CSU campus and every California community college. A list of CSU courses approved for Area B4 credit at individual CSU campuses can be obtained from the CSU campus advising unit. A list of CSU approved community college Area B4 courses for individual California community colleges is available online at popup window icon.

Students interested in taking an Area B4 course should make an appointment to speak with a CSU or community college academic advisor.

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