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CSU English Success
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Early Assessment Program (EAP)

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) measures your English skills at the end of your junior year to let you know in advance if you are ready for college level work.  When you take the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) exam in English-Language Arts and Mathematics you will receive an EAP status before the beginning of your senior year informing you whether or not you are ready to enroll in for-credit English courses.  If you are not ready, you can take advantage of your senior year to prepare for the CSU.

How to Participate
  • All students who take the CAASPP automatically participate in the EAP
  • The CAASPP is administered in the spring of your junior year
  • Students should select the option to release their EAP results to the CSU and participating California Community Colleges (CCC). This option will appear as the last question on their assessment. The results are not required or used for admissions. However, if students mark the “do not release” option, they will be required to submit the results at a later date.
  • For a list of participating CCC’s visit
Results Notification
  • Your school may provide you with your CAASPP and EAP for English language arts/literacy and mathematics in mid-August
  • CAASPP paper parent reports will be sent home approximately 8 weeks after all testing is complete in that district.
Explanation of EAP English Status

The CAASPP achievement standards provide an early indicator for a grade eleven student’s predicted readiness for college-level coursework. Demonstrating readiness for English college level coursework can help you avoid the need for additional testing and developmental courses upon entering the California State University or California Community College.

Below are the possible EAP English results:

  • Standard Exceeded: Ready for English college-level coursework.
  • Standard Met: Conditionally Ready for English college-level coursework.
  • Standard Nearly Met: Not yet demonstrating readiness for English college-level coursework.
  • Standard Not Met: Not demonstrating readiness for English college-level coursework.